Earth’s Atmospheric Window and Surface Temperature

IntroductionThe Atmospheric Window has a vital role in governing the temperature of the Earth’s surface.  Without it, the temperature would be too great for life.  Radiative energy emitted from the surface can pass through the window to space with only moderate absorption because the are few greenhouse gas wavelengths within the wavelength range of the […]

A Really Simple Alternative to the GHG Theory for Global Warming

Eddie Banner    29/7/19 As a physicist, I have long had doubts about the Greenhouse Gas Theory for global warming, and I recently came across a post which reinforces these doubts.  Although the post itself supports the GHG theory, nevertheless it provides a very interesting diagram, shown below, which is based upon excellent work by R […]

Energy causes global warming

Energy Theory for Global Warming Aubrey E Banner 11th May 2019 Global warming is certainly happening. This has been proved by many measurements of the Earth’s temperature, and the resulting consequences are manifest.  A popular explanation is that this effect is due to the carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere, and it is known […]